Moto F.A.M. was started by riders. We are all in love with the feeling of freedom that riding gives us, the release of stress, the adventures, and especially the people it has brought into our lives. Nothing saddens us more than hearing a fellow rider has been involved in an accident. The first thing we ask ourselves is whether it could have been prevented, and the answer is almost always YES!

Moto F.A.M. was created to lend a helping hand to riders who have been involved in a motorcycle accident. It’s also our mission to spread awareness, improve road safety and be a voice for riders.

Moto F.A.M. is only as successful as the people who back us. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!

How Moto F.A.M. Helps

  • We offer financial assistance to riders or their family following a motorcycle related accident.
  • We spread the word about riders requesting help through our website & social media.
  • We offer a way for riders to be able to reach out and communicate with other riders that have or are experiencing the same situation. This includes medical, emotional, financial, legal, and insurance issues.
  • We work with properly certified instructors to improve riding skills. Class info coming soon.
  • We provide helpful info to the riding community before & following an accident.
  • We organize regular fundraising efforts to support our mission. We are currently accepting cash/PayPal donations and/or product donation for future raffles. Get involved!

Our Mission

The biker community commonly refers to fellow riders as family. Our mission is to pull this "moto fam" together to raise funds for riders that have been hurt in a motorcycle related accident, or the family of a fallen rider. We're also committed to improving road safety.

Who We Are


Michaela George (Mich)

Founder of Moto F.A.M.
Mich grew up in a small town in Maine. Raised around motorcycles and hotrods, she has been riding for over 10 years and plans to share the road with her children someday. In her own words, this is why Moto F.A.M. is important to her: "Educating drivers is key to improving rider safety. I can only do so much alone. Motorcyclist often call each other family, so my hope is to pull this family together and create a loud voice for riders. Support those injured and prevent as many accidents as we can."

Lisa Troop

Board Member
Lisa has been involved in the bike scene for over 10 years, traveling the country going to rallies and events. What began as an interest has become a major part of who she is today. Getting involved with Moto F.A.M. felt natural to her since so many of her friends ride and she has recently gotten her motorcycle license. Through building relationships in the bike community and the general public, she is excited to spread the message of motorcycle awareness and safety as well as work to help victims of motorcycle accidents.

Sanna Boman

Board Member
Born and raised in Sweden, Sanna didn’t start riding motorcycles until she moved to California in her early 20s. After completely falling in love with the culture and the freedom of two wheels, she is ready to give back to the community that has given her so much. In 2014, Sanna was involved in a motorcycle accident, where she was struck by a car on the freeway. She got away with a bad wrist sprain and a damaged bike, but realizes that most people don’t get that lucky. “Even if you survive a wreck, the road to recovery is often painful and expensive. Moto F.A.M. wants to help alleviate some of that pain,” she says.

Chelsea Holmes

Board Member
Chelsea Holmes was born and raised in Southern California and like most people on two wheels, she fell in love with riding at a young age. (You can blame her Pop for that!). Chelsea feels that the motorcycle community has been incredibly generous to her by giving her amazing memories, bringing her joy, and blessing her with life-long friends. She wants to give back to the community that has given her so much and by being a part of Moto F.A.M Chelsea believes she can pay the kindnesses she's been shown forward, as well as do her best to help make the roads a little safer by spreading awareness for her fellow bikers.

Damon George

Board Member
Though born and raised in Florida, Damon has been a Californian for over 20 years. Motorcycles have been in his family's blood all the way back to his grandfather. Because of that, Damon has been on and around all types of motorcycles for as long as he can remember. He's a rider, and also works in the industry that supports the motorcycle scene. The safety of every bike on the road is very close to his heart. Most of Damon's family are already riders, and with his children following close behind, the stakes are even higher. It just made sense to be a part of an organization whose primary goal is to help our moto family in a time of need, as well as bring motorcycle awareness to automobiles. Riding a bike has done so much for his life; giving back to this community by being involved in Moto F.A.M is the least he felt he could do.